Etymology of Altanea

Spiaggia di Altanea di CaorleThe etymology of the name Altanea probably derives from Altano, sea breeze blowing from the east (for the Latin authors altanus was a wind coming from south-southwest, while altum was the deep sea).

Altano is a local wind, which is typical of a particular region or area as they are in Italy or elsewhere in the Mediterranean, the Bora, the Tramontana, the Scirocco, the Marin, the Levanter, the Vendavales, the Libeccio and the Mistral.

Marco Vitruvius Pollio wrote in his "De architectura": "... Itaque et dextra left austrum leuconotus et altanus flare Solet ..." (... to the right and to the left of the south blow respectively Euronotus and Altanus ...)

Cotrugli Benedict (in Latin Benedictus de Cotrullis in Croatian Benedikt Kotruljevic - Ragusa in Dalmatia, 1416 / L'Aquila, 1469) a dalmata merchant, economist and diplomat, writes in his "de Navigatione" in the third chapter titled "Delli Venti Erratici" "text in antique italian - can be read in the italian page"